Rocio Segura began dreaming of creating a gender inclusive jewelry line in 2018. Until today she hasn't stopped creating, shaping, developing VALSE NYC to find the natural look that distinguishes her vision. Rocio's aesthetic is clean, minimal and effective with close attention to detail. She also is a highly sought-after fashion and beauty Photographer & Art Director based in NYC. This experience has helped to shape the eye and the way she looks at things. This collection has come to life through her relationship with the open seas. VALSENYC is inspired by the movement of the ocean and the waves. Wind and water are her elements and the way they move and interact with one another are her constant inspiration for VA

In late 2020, Rocio partnered with her friend, Taylor Valentine, to officially create VALSE NYC – bringing the brand to life and naming it together. VA embodies style, feminity, masculinity, and unity. Taylor Valentine, Co-founder of VA was in sales for over 15 years with a focus in styling and clienteling. From the young age of 14, she had always wanted to have something of her own. VA has allowed her to finally have that. Business savvy with a strong vision, Taylor has helped curate VA's first collection and has worked to navigate the production process to bring the best quality product to the customers who will enjoy it

VA is Curated in BK. Crafted in NYC. Collected by ALL.
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