THE LEVANTINE NECKLACE // Unique in design, combines daintiness with boldness. It is the only piece in the Atlantic collection that is exclusively available in solid 10k gold. The necklace features a different double chain designed and meticulously crafted to create a captivating visual...
THE JAMES NECKLACE is a versatile and elegant accessory design to be worn by all. It is available in two metal options: 10K gold and 925 silver. Wear the James effortlessly throughout the day and night, make a statement that will get noticed. The JAMES is...
from $375.00
THE IONIAN NECKLACE // Is a striking and attention-grabbing jewelry piece from our debut collection. it's designed to be a bold and a distinctive accessory, intended to make a big statement when worn. It’s sophisticated craftsmanship, and intricate detailing set it...
THE LIV NECKLACE is the most intimate and special piece we have created so far. This memorable piece can be custom with a short name 2-5 letters or it could also be single letters that represent your family, your love, your friendship,...
from $785.00
THE MEDITERRANEAN NECKLACE // Say hi to the most unique and intriguing piece of our ATLANTIC collection. This elegant and quiet design goes with any gear adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit without being overly ostentatious. We believe...
from $325.00

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